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RuntimeOperationsException: RuntimeException occurred in RequiredModelMBean while trying to invoke operation PrintPerson at javax. The method signature is String[ ] but the runtime- type of params is Object[ ]. Try: Object[ ] params = new String[ 4]. folder: src > folder: MainView > Main. Exception : Exception in thread " JavaFX Application Thread" java. IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch at sun. NativeMethodAccessorImpl. As stated in its documentation and showcase,. In case the property is a method expression taking arguments, each of those arguments will be converted to a string HTTP request parameter and back to actual objects using the converters. Your event handler type looks fine to me. My guess is the type mismatch is occurring elsewhere. Stage; import java. getResourceAsStream( " commit. fxml" ) ) ; } public static void main( String[ ] args) { launch( args) ; } }.

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    Mismatch argument type

    I have another class with main method and I am trying to add an object to EventListnerList in this class: public class. Exception in thread " main" java. You forgot to pass an argument to your method invocation. return ( int) method. newInstance( ), myArrayList) ;. You can also invoke with a null argument: return ( int) method. The main method in the Reflections class. equals( methodName) ) { method. invoke( obj, args) ; break; } } } catch ( Exception e) { e. DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.

    invoke( DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl. java: 43) at java. IllegalArgumentException: argument type faultMBeanServerInterceptor. invoke( DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor. 6 more Exception in thread " main" java. AssertionError: java. IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch at org. The arguments to the invoke method is the object on which the method is being invoked followed the list of actual arguments to the method. In your case you were passing the class objects of the arguments instead of the.