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。 よく登場してくるので その都度対処法を調べていると時間もかかる、 ということで良く出くわす奴らを対策 と共にまとめてみました。 これさえ読めばあなたはもうJava初心者とは呼ば. 上記の場合、 変数strがnull値以外の場合のみ、 equalsメソッドで値の比較をするので、 NullPointerExceptionはthrow. Javaのプログラムで初期化していないポインタを使っ たのでしょう( ポインタが何も指していない( Nullである) という例外が. You are incrementing i twice in your loop: for ( int i = 0 ; i< 10 ; i+ + ) { array [ i] = new circle ( i+ + ) ;. The result is that you are trying to access a circle in your array which has not yet been initialized ( all array contents point to itializing an array of objects does not initialize the objects contained in the array and hence you are getting NullPointerException. Before you try to do this: cars[ 0]. setMake( " Toyota" ) ;. you should first initialize your Car object. You forgot to create the objects for ( int x= 0; x< staging1. length; x+ + ) { staging1[ x] = new WinCalc( ) ; / /. NullPointerException ( こんなエラー出ちゃいましたぁ! エラー別対処方法 ) ] Java プログラミングでエラーが発生したときの対処方法などを簡単な例で紹介しています。. Exception in thread " main" java.

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    NullPointerException at sample. public static void main( String[ ] args) {. String buf = null;. println( " buf length is " + buf. NullPointerException. This is the problem double a[ ] = null;. Since a is null, NullPointerException will arise every time you use it until you initialize it. So this: a[ i] = var;. A possible solution would be initialize it when declaring it: double a[ ]. Null Pointer Exception is a situation in code where you try to access/ modify an object which has not been initialized yet. It essentially means that object reference variable is not pointing anywhere and refers to nothing or ' null'. by following line you are just creating an array of 3 reference which has null value by default point [ ] pt= new point [ 3] ;.

    you need to initialize each reference to the object using new as shown below for( int index = 0 ; index.